What is a Medium Gallery Day?

Your ticket gives you access to EIGHT different mediums who will be doing 50 minutes of readings each on Sunday, February 5, 2023.. That's eight hours of readings if you want! You can join one or all of the sessions for only $88!

During this event, each medium, during their session, will deliver messages from Spirit from Loved Ones to as many attendees as they can.

What is a Medium and how does it work?

The spirit world is all around us!  It vibrates at such a high frequency that we can’t see it, but when a medium connects with your deceased loved one, they raise their vibration while Spirit lowers theirs just enough to align frequencies.  Because they are sensitive and intuitive, Mediums can hear, feel, and see information coming from loved ones on the Other Side.  This life changing event is not to be missed!

Meet the Mediums

Schedule of Readings

9am PT / 12pm ET - Maria Verdeschi

10am PT / 1pm ET - Shelly Wilson

11am PT / 2pm ET - Jamie Clark

12pm PT / 3pm ET - Chris Lippincott

1pm PT / 4pm ET - Cheryl Murphy

2pm PT / 5pm ET - Lisa Wilcoxson

3pm PT / 6pm ET - Michelle Clare

4pm PT / 7pm ET - Shauna Domalain

Don't miss out!

This incredible day will only happen once in 2023!

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  • Will I get a reading?

    Whether you or someone else receive a message, it is amazing to witness the mediums channeling and delivering messages from spirits from the Other Side.

  • If I don't receive a message, does my Loved One not care about me?

    Absolutely not! Most spirits will come through as messages for someone else that can be meant for you. If it resonates with you, receive that as a message.

  • Can I join all eight medium sessions?

    Yes, your ticket will include access to ALL eight sessions, should you choose to join in!