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The Live Your Most Evolved Life Summit showcases a synergy of talent that will heighten your intuition, and will undoubtedly illuminate, enlighten and spark your soul on your evolutionary journey towards ascension.

Summit Interviews

    1. Dr. Elizabeth Hall: Grieving In Sage Mode

    2. Susan Hannifin - MacNab: A to Z Healing Toolbox

    3. Samantha Ruth: SHOUT 5-Step Guide to Coping with and Healing Grief

    4. Austyn Wells: Harnessing the Healing Energy of Mediumship

    1. Allyson Roberts: Exterminate Trauma and Heal Your Heart

    2. Mary D’Agostino: Finding Healing in the Power of Love

    3. Kristi Peck: Path to Authenticity and Healing

    4. Cindy Baumann: Discovering Peace After Tragedy

    1. Peggy DeLong: Cultivating Gratitude in the Face of Grief

    2. Andrew Hahn: 5 Steps To Unlocking Your Self-Healing Potential

    3. Judith Hancox: Trauma Recovery: Learn How to Let Go and Stay Present

    4. Rita Louise: Unleashing Your Inner Wisdom

    1. Suzanne Giesemann: Living an Awakened and Evolved Life

    2. Casey Gauntt: Unveiling the Door to Spiritual Evolution

    3. Winnie Wang: Love Yourself Fully: A Journey of Spiritual Growth

    4. Sue Frederick: Does Spiritual Evolution Require Suffering?

    1. Mark Pitstick: How to Access Peace, Love and Ascension

    2. Rob Schwartz: Do We Plan Our Lives?

    3. Frances Rae Key: Strengthening Your Connection to the Other Side

    4. Suresh Ramaswamy: Illuminate Your Path to Ascension Through Conscious Awareness

    1. Jeff and Spencer Olsen: Reclaiming Joy Through Healing

    2. Ingrid Honkala: Reconnecting with Your Inner Wisdom

    3. Jeff O’Driscoll: Navigating New Beginnings

    4. Dr. Lotte Valentin: Healing Your Rejections

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This multi-faceted event showcasing 24 uniquely trained participants will answer questions that you haven't even contemplated. The subjects discussed will be varied and diverse, each segment intended to help you heal, evolve and transform your life.

There is no doubt there will be a select few that will share the exact knowledge and information you and your soul are yearning to hear at this exact time in your life on your spiritual journey.

  1. Dr. Elizabeth Hall
  2. Susan Hannifin-MacNab
  3. Samantha Ruth
  4. Austyn Wells
  5. Allyson Roberts
  6. Mary D'Agostino
  7. Kristi Peck 
  8. Cindy Baumann 
  9. Peggy DeLong 
  10. Andrew Hahn
  11. Judith Hancox
  12. Rita Louise
  13. Suzanne Giesemann
  14. Casey Gauntt
  15. Winnie Wang
  16. Sue Frederick
  17. Mark Pitstick 
  18. Rob Schwartz
  19. Frances Rae Key
  20. Suresh Ramaswamy 
  21. Jeff and Spencer Olsen
  22. Ingrid Hokala
  23. Jeff O'Driscoll
  24. Dr. Lotte Valentin 

**Disclaimer: Please note this is a replay of a past Summit from January 2023, not a live event, therefore, some offers and information mentioned in interviews may no longer be valid. 

Don't miss out on this enlightening and uplifting experience!

With Host, Author and Trauma Survivor, Irene Weinberg

Summit Testimonials

“It was a lot of good energy. Big energy. I wanted to reach out again and thank you for having me as a guest speaker and inviting me to be a part of this phenomenal summit. I have received a lot of requests for the heart healing meditation and beautiful people wishing to connect with their loved ones and heal their hearts. Working as a medium seems to be taking front and center right now. All of it flows together nicely- all for a heart healing, expanding experience. It feels very divinely guided. I popped in on the Mediumship day to add my energy of support to the mediums, the loved ones in spirit, and to those wishing to connect. And I spent time that day with my grandson for his birthday! A very full day indeed. ”

Mary D'Agostino

“I just could not wait another minute to share with you how much I appreciate and am loving your summit. It is bringing joy and hope and opening up my heart even wider to all the possibilities and opportunities we have to love ourselves and one another. Thank you for your vision and your willingness to share all your resources with me through this summit. I am humbled to be in your and their company (via Zoom). You have made a difference in my life and I really wanted you to know that I cannot wait to see what tomorrow brings . ”

Cindy Claytor

“Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better than Irene Weinberg’s Grief and Rebirth Podcast, she masterfully created a weeklong Summit and appropriately named it “Live Your Most Evolved Life!” Irene’s gift for creating entertaining interviews that enlighten, educate, and inspire syncs beautifully with her mission to help people find peace and joy in their lives through awareness, healing, and transformation. Thank you, Irene, for engaging so honestly with your interview guests via those spot-on questions and comments during your “Live Your Most Evolved Life!” Summit and also for the many inspiring and comforting insights I have gained by listening to your podcast Grief and Rebirth: Finding the Joy in Life! ”


“This is such a great series of topics and I'm so excited that you put such a wonderful group of people together for all of us to learn from, it's amazing! ”

Susan Acker

“I really enjoyed your recent summit on Your Most Evolved Life - great topics and guests and nice interactions. ”

Phillip Mountrose

“From the moment Irene shared with me her vision for the Summit, I felt certain this was the start of a powerful convergence of souls--and the Summit proved to be just that! I was honored to be part of the panel of people who came together to harness our collective vibrations of love and goodwill to uplift our virtual friends. Irene was so caring, positive, and professional every step of the way that the Summit always felt seamless, natural, and timely. Many thanks to Irene and her Team for their consistent efforts to shine their light in the world. I look forward to seeing the Summit grow and flourish in the years to come! ”

Frances Rae Key